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Pure Romance

To consent you

To consent you

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coochy and kiss

La coochy - is an anti-rash keratin shaving cream. Prevents hair from being buried when it grows back, making it softer and preventing it from being buried. Avoid rashes, rashes, irritated skin and all that. Also because of its main ingredient Keratin you can use it as a hair conditioner or leaving!

It is a pheromone infused splash that you can use after taking your bath or to refresh yourself during the day after your activities. Use it as many times as you want and you will have a unique smell to you. Excellent fixative. does not contain alcohol

Basic instinct are concentrated pheromones. It is a roll-on that you apply where you put perfume, on the pulsating points (behind the ears, wrists, etc.) 👑 It will give you a UNIQUE and unmistakable smell ❤ Increases libido and security 💜 Harmonizes the environment 🌹 ATTRACTS people couple 🌼 It is anti-depressant

Just like me is a lubricant for daily use that maintains a balanced vaginal pH, avoiding infections, strong odors, vaginal fungus, itching, dryness and excess flow. It can also be used for intimacy.

Bosom buddy has a cold, tickling sensation with the flavor of your choice. For the lips and nipples and feel on your skin all the way through that sensation. Give him a kiss in a public place and when he says "that tastes good" you say to his ear "guess where else I'm wearing...."
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