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Pure Romance

Oak & Amber - Deluxe Set

Oak & Amber - Deluxe Set

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Yyyyyy will thank you

Prepare your hygiene for the act... she will not forget about you I assure you!

Coochy - shaving cream that contains keratin to prevent rashes and redness you can use it as a hair conditioner.

Skinny Dip - body wash with pheromones leaves your skin silky and works with the vagina levels PH prevents infections and bad odors

Body dew - moisturizing oil contains vitamin A and E leaves your skin silky, shiny and NOT sticky, has pheromones, brightens your tattoos, keeps your tan after a day in the sun.

Kiss - pheromone infused body splash great to keep in the bag and smell great all day!

Nourishing Body Lotion - is an all over body lotion that is specially formulated with argan oil, aloe vera, and shea butter for next level hydration. The lotion's key ingredient, argan oil, is naturally rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E for healthy, beautiful skin.

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