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Pure Romance

The Complete Combi

The Complete Combi

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The Fantastic 7 to have a Rich, Rich, Rich Act!!!

HELI SHOWER GEL & BUBBLE BATH Pamper your skin with the Heli Shower Gel & Bubble Bath! This essential cleanser is pH-balanced and infused with lavender and calendula extracts, ingredients that soothe skin and help reduce redness. Inspired by plants, this 2-in-1 is also made with rejuvenating green tea extract, a natural antioxidant, as well as aloe vera, an anti-inflammatory rich in Vitamins A and C.

Just Like Me is a lubricant for daily use that keeps the vaginal pH balanced, avoiding infections, strong odors, vaginal fungus, itching, dryness, and excess flow. It can also be used for intimacy.
Kiss - Light Perfume infused with Pheromones "Splash" refreshing for the whole day and don't smell everyone, not even the co-worker, the neighbor, the friend, the one he runs into on the stairs or elevator! Secondary effect? “Sexual attraction”
"O" - I call it high. For those days/nights that you have desires but it takes you a long time to reach orgasm or you want to be multi-orgasmic. It is the strongest of all and it is unisex (If you apply it to the testicles and base of the penis, it stimulates and could speed it up)
Bosom buddy has a cold, tickling sensation with the flavor of your choice. For the lips and nipples and feel on your skin all the way through that sensation. Give him a kiss in a public place and when he says "that tastes good" you say to his ear "guess where else I'm wearing...."

Basic instinct are concentrated pheromones. It is a roll-on that you apply where you put perfume, on the pulsating points (behind the ears, wrists, etc.) It will give you a UNIQUE and unmistakable smell ❤Increases libido and security Harmonizes the environment ATTRACTS the couple It is anti -depressive A top seller, everyone wants it

The Sensations is a glycerin based lubricant that heats with friction and breath, rub blows and sucks. Perfect for erotic massages, oral sex for both.

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