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Pure Romance

Future Bride Kit

Future Bride Kit

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You get married? Get ready for that special night and do different things.

Put on the Basic Instinct roll of concentrated pheromones that work with your body's chemistry to enhance your natural scent, sexual attractant.

For sex in the water, prolonged or anal Pure Pleasure. This is a silicone-based lubricant that your skin will not absorb.

Just Like Me is a pH balanced water based lubricant. Perfect to be used with toys, it is for daily use so it helps you keep your pH balanced and prevents you from hurting yourself when intimacy.

Bosom Buddy moisturizing lip and nipple balm. Tingling sensation that you can pass to your partner in a passionate kiss and when you go to do the oral you will also feel the tickle in your area.

Or cream that helps you to bring greater blood flow to the clitoris so that you feel rich sensations and you can reach orgasm or multi-orgasmic.

Butterfly Effect 10 different speeds. Stimulates G-spot and clitoris. It has a control that you can pass on to your partner and be the one who controls you. Effective at 32 feet away. Waterproof

Blind your sight so all other senses are heightened with Onyx Blindfold

Use a chair or strap him to bed with the Onyx Handcuffs and go subtle with the feathers or go more intense with the Tickle & Whip.

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