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Pure Romance

Toxic + Orgasmic Combo

Toxic + Orgasmic Combo

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Products that every woman should have to flirt if she is alone or has a partner

It includes

✅ Basic instinct are concentrated pheromones. It is a roll-on that you apply where you wear perfume, in the pulsating points (behind the ears, wrists, etc.) It will give you a UNIQUE and unmistakable smell. Increases libido and security. Harmonize the environment. ATTRACT the couple. It is anti-depressant. A top seller, everyone wants it

✅ Kiss - Light Perfume infused in Pheromones "Splash" refreshing for the whole day and don't smell everyone, not even the co-worker, the neighbor, the friend, the one he runs into on the stairs or elevator! Secondary effect? “Sexual attraction”

✅ The bosom buddy has a cold and tickling sensation with the flavor you choose. For the lips and nipples and feel on your skin all the way through that sensation. Give him a kiss in a public place and when he says "that tastes good" you say to his ear "guess where else I'm wearing...."

✅ Cream (O)- I call it high. For those days/nights that you feel like it but it takes time to reach orgasm or you want to be multi-orgasmic. It is the strongest of all and the only unisex (If you apply it to the testicles and base of the penis, it stimulates and could speed it up so that it ends faster)

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