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Pure Romance

Seductive Combo

Seductive Combo

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You deserve to feel seductive. If luxury and mystery could be packaged, the result would be Dirty French. Dark and provocative, Dirty French draws its inspiration from the excitement of Parisian cabaret and furtive, unrestrained kissing. This pheromone-charged luxury fragrance fascinates and seduces with its opulent display of wild orchids and juicy blackberries wrapped in whipped vanilla musk.

Grab all the attention you want with Basic Instinct. This pheromone-infused roll-on formula reacts to your body's chemistry to create a fragrance unique to you. Basic Instinct is unisex and blends easily with your favorite creams and fragrances. Apply with the ball on the wrists, behind the ears and on other pulse points to enhance your natural charm.

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