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Pure Romance

Backyard Plus Combo

Backyard Plus Combo

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Extra long lasting and silky smooth, Pure Pleasure Silicone Lubricant is designed to enhance any sexual experience. This highly concentrated formula is waterproof and doesn't absorb quickly into the skin (like water-based lubes), making it perfect for fulfilling your fantasies all night...and beyond! Have fun in the shower, indulge in anal play, or take it easy truly savoring every sensation – Pure Pleasure does it all.

Booty Eaze Gel helps prepare you to take it to the next level and make your anal activity as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Fuel your secret fantasies with Midnight Desire, a silicone anal vibrator with a folding handle and four balls that let you reach a surprising finish. With 10 speeds and patterns of vibration, every seductive encounter is under your you can experience it all.

Get ready for pleasure with the Anal Douche, our cleansing system designed with a removable ribbed attachment. Use the beak alone or with the wavy accessory to experience different sensations. As with any anal product, add a silicone-based lubricant like Pure Pleasure before use for added comfort.

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