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Pure Romance

Playtime Combo

Playtime Combo

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Elevate sensations in previous games with these products.

Onyx Blindfold - Begin to trust in bondage with this black satin blindfold from the Onyx collection. Cover your eyes with the dark silk and surrender to ecstasy as the sight subsides and all other senses are amplified.

Tie Me Up Tape - Take control or sweet surrender? Fulfill your deepest desires with Tie Me Up Tape, a self-adhesive bondage tape that's easy to wear and remove. Strap on wrists, ankles or anything you want and indulge in your sexiest tied up fantasies. Gently wrap the tape around your partner, cut off the end, and get ready for ecstasy.

Take the night to the next level with Tempt & Tease Foreplay Dice . This game comes with 3 dice to guide you and your partner through a tantalizingly good time. Roll to discover an action, like kissing or licking, a body part, like your partner's neck or inner thigh, and the amount of time to tempt and tease them. Then it's time to change.

This game is perfect for couples who want to spice things up a bit and explore each other in ways big and small.

Tickle & Whipped - Who do you want to be? The intense lover who takes control in the bedroom? The loving partner who longs for sweet lovemaking? Tickle & Whip lets you be both. With rubber fringe on one end and fluffy feathers on the other, this versatile toy is ready for whatever mood strikes your way.

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