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Pure Romance

Him and Her Hygiene Combo

Him and Her Hygiene Combo

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Hygiene in the intimate area of ​​both is important. Using the correct products helps you keep the pH balanced by avoiding infections.

Everyone knows that one bottle is always better than two, especially when it contains Clean, a combination shampoo and body wash that mixes the energizing power of menthol with the hydration of aloe vera for a truly exceptional double clean. Clean moisturizes and cleanses, leaving your hair and body as pristine as your wallet. Oak & Amber captures the feel of premium bourbon, rustic charm, and confidence.

Shower gel is pH balanced that you can use all over your body, including your intimate part. For daily use. Infused in pheromones. The hotter the water, the more bubbles you will have.

Just Like Me is the pH balanced, water based lubricant. The consistency is smooth and easy to control, with its soft and gentle formula, it prevents itching, strong odors and vaginal infections. FDA certified

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