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Pure Romance

Combo To The Hyperactive

Combo To The Hyperactive

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Make your legs shake and your G-spot...

This buzz-worthy silicone vibrator targets the G-spot with 10 speeds and pulsation patterns, a flexible, curved shaft that's designed to hit just the right spot. Rechargeable, bath-safe design, compatible with spare charger

Excite Mint is a warm gel for the clitoris that increases the sensation of tickling, heat and tingling effect to increase the sensation 🔥

GPS G-spot Cream is specially formulated to stimulate your G-spot, making it easier for you to find and easier for you to experience that legendary G-spot orgasm. (Yes please!) Infused with ginseng root extract that enhances intimacy, spearmint leaf oil, and a triple blend of ingredients that help increase sensitivity, GPS G-spot Cream gets you where you want to go, in the bedroom and beyond!

It has contraindications.

🌷Cleansing Mist is a disinfectant cleaner designed for toys, which will prevent your toy from deteriorating, not picking up a bad smell and not causing any infection. Use it before and after using a toy.

Toy Tote- our discreet bag protects your toy from bacteria, dust and prying eyes.

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