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Pure Romance

Combo 30 Nights

Combo 30 Nights

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As a worthy prelude to excitement for every night show, Opening Act is made for your pleasure thanks to its 30 fascinating vibrations and pulsation patterns. This scene-stealing silicone vibrator is designed to drive your clitoris wild but you can also have it sweep over every curve of your body with an electrifying full-body massage.

Kick back and relax with Knead Me. Infused with skin-loving botanicals, this dispersible oil washes off easily just by rinsing with water. Invite your partner to wash away all the tension, then take a quick rinse and get on with your day. Your towels will thank you. Knead Me smells of sparkling coastal waters, citrus zest, and sunlit cypress.

You know you need a lubricant when it's time for intimacy, but sometimes you need one to feel yourself. Just Like Me is gentle and pH balanced so it mimics your natural moisture!

Like a Virgin makes you feel like the first time! This alum-based tightening cream causes the vaginal walls to contract for up to 24 hours: he'll feel tighter and you'll feel bigger.

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