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Honeymoon Kit

Honeymoon Kit

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Kit that every woman should have to prepare for that special moment from her hygiene and foreplay with the trio of the Oral Goddess + an intensifying cream


✅ La coochy - is an anti rash keratin shaving cream. Prevents hair from being buried when it grows back, making it softer and preventing it from being buried. Avoid rashes, rashes, irritated skin and all that. Also because of its main ingredient Keratin you can use it as a hair conditioner or leaving!

✅ Body dew is a body oil that is used in different ways: for example on the legs to give it a sexy look, on tattoos to make them look like new and highlight the color, on the elbows or heels or the entire body for hydration ( people who work in air conditioning the skin dries out a lot) It is also used so that after sunbathing on the beach your skin does not peel and prolongs the tan. It has vitamins, pheromones to attract and carnation oil that works as a natural mosquito repellent.

✅ Skinny Dip - body wash with pheromones leaves your skin silky and works with the vagina levels PH prevents infections and bad odors

✅ Cream (O)- I call it high. For those days/nights that you feel like it but it takes time to reach orgasm or you want to be multi-orgasmic. It is the strongest of all and the only unisex (If you apply it to the testicles and base of the penis, it stimulates and could speed it up so that it ends faster, in case we want to sleep)

✅ Great head prepares your throat to avoid gagging and arching during oral sex and to go deeper.

✅ The sensations is a water-based lubricant that heats with friction and breath, the rub blows and sucks Perfect for erotic massages, oral sex for both.

✅ The bosom buddy has a cold and tickling sensation with the flavor you choose. For the lips and nipples and feel on your skin all the way through that sensation. Give him a kiss in a public place and when he says "that tastes good" you say to his ear "guess where else I'm wearing...."

* Bathroom line several fragrances to choose from

*Bosom Buddy flavored sweet melon, dragon fruit, pina colada

*Sensations Pineapple Paradise flavor, Cotton Candy

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