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Pure Romance

Toxic Combo

Toxic Combo

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Products that every woman should have to flirt if she is alone or has a partner

It includes

✅ Basic instinct are concentrated pheromones. It is a roll-on that you apply where you wear perfume, in the pulsating points (behind the ears, wrists, etc.) It will give you a UNIQUE and unmistakable smell. Increases libido and security Harmonizes the environment. ATTRACT the couple. It is anti-depressant. A top seller, everyone wants it

✅ Kiss - Light Perfume infused in Pheromones "Splash" refreshing for the whole day and don't smell everyone, not even the co-worker, the neighbor, the friend, the one he runs into on the stairs or elevator! Secondary effect? “Sexual attraction”

✅ The Bosom Buddy has a cold and tickling sensation with the flavor you choose. For the lips and nipples and that you feel on your skin all the way through that sensation. Give him a kiss in a public place and when he says "that tastes good" you say to his ear "guess where else I'm wearing...."

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