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Sexy Legs Combo

Sexy Legs Combo

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Three products that you cannot miss to make your legs look soft and silky.

Coochy anti-rash shaving cream, prevents ingrown hairs, red skin, leaving your skin soft and silky. Contains keratin which will help soften the hair with each use of the Coochy and so your shave is smooth. It also contains Panthenol. You can use it as a conditioner and leave-in-conditioner.

BODY DEW- body oil that is used in different ways. On the legs to give it a sexy look, on tattoos to make them look like new and highlight the color, on the elbows or heels or the entire body for hydration.

It is also used after sunbathing so that your skin does not peel and prolong the tan. Contains pheromones to attract and vitamins.

Aftershave-moisturizes the skin and tightens the pores, contains botanical extracts such as: chamomile cucumber, lavender, sage and oats. Spray after shave with Coochy. Shaving will last longer and helps you avoid redness, blackheads, irritation...

Various fragrances to choose from

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