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Pure Romance

Long Duration Combo

Long Duration Combo

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Increase your libido and last longer with this trio...

1- Is the bedroom scene slowing down? Try Testosterone Boost , our vitality supplement made with ingredients known to help increase free testosterone and improve sexual response*. Prepare for whatever the night brings with ingredients including doctor-formulated Kre-Celazine®, Taxadrol®, and extracts like tribulus and yohimbe bark.

Kre-Celazine® is clinically proven to promote greater flexibility and mobility while reducing inflammation*.

Tribulus bark and yohimbe extracts are known to support a stronger sex drive*.

This powerful supplement is also made with Taxadrol®, a blend of botanical extracts known to help suppress estrogen and promote testosterone precursors*, important factors that help you feel strong and energetic.

Whenever you feel like it, make the most of it with Testosterone Boost. Take once a day or as needed 30 minutes before intimacy.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2-Do you want your man to give you pleasure for longer? Surprise him with a knob from Up All Night ! This cream is formulated exclusively for men and helps make great sex last even longer!

3- Find erotic happiness with Hello Libido, a blend of essential oils that awakens feelings of sensual desire. Formulated with arousal-inspiring botanicals, this rollerball balances seductive ylang ylang and sandalwood with soothing lemon balm and cedarwood. Apply to neck, wrists and décolleté to set the mood for passion.

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