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Pure Romance

Bridesmaid Combo

Bridesmaid Combo

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Products that the Bridesmaid cannot miss

COOCHY - conditioning cream to shave all over your body. Avoid rash and rash by helping you not to lose passion at the time of your intimacy due to itching as a result of shaving. Ideal as a hair conditioner since it contains keratin, the keratin will help the hair to grow much weaker and softer with continued use and your shave will be more pleasant.

Body Boost helps tone skin for a smoother, tighter look. Ideal for problem areas and cellulite. Contains natural oils and caffeine. Paraben free. The combination of natural oils and caffeine gives your skin the boost it needs. You'll love it! Contains caffeine and carnitine.

😍 Body Dew keeps even the driest skin blissfully hydrated and feeling years younger. ✨ A quick spritz after every shower will leave your skin feeling softer than ever. 🍃 Contains pheromones

Skinny Dip is an indulgent shower gel and bubble bath combination perfect for any time you need a more exciting version of clean fun. Whether you're looking for a hot shower to start your morning or a decadent bubble bath to wind down in the evening, Skinny Dip's moisturizing ingredients (including argan oil!) are all you need to transform your bathroom into your own slice of paradise. Pro Tip: The hotter the water, the more bubbles Skinny Dip produces, thanks to a special foam-boosting agent in the formula. It's a win-win: more bubbles = more time to soak, more time to relax, and more time to put yourself first. Contains pheromones

🌸 Basic instinct are concentrated pheromones. It is a roll-on that you apply where you put perfume, on the pulsating points (behind the ears, wrists, etc.) 👑 It will give you a UNIQUE and unmistakable smell ❤ Increases libido and security 💜 Harmonizes the environment 🌹 ATTRACTS people couple 🌼 It's anti-depressant A top seller, everyone wants it

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