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Pure Romance

hot combo

hot combo

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😈Necessary products for these cold days:
🔥 HEART MASSAGER: reusable pad that heats up and can be used as a hot stone massage.
🔥AMP: I call it the caffeine of the clitoris. It is for those nights that you don't feel like it and your partner does. Being gel based, your body absorbs it quickly and you will literally be ready for action in seconds.
🔥O: I call him high. For those days/nights that you feel like it but it takes you a long time to reach orgasm or you want to be multi-orgasmic. It is the strongest of all. It is unisex, if you put it on the testicles and base of the penis, it stimulates and could speed it up.
🔥 Burning Desire: Soy-based candle that when it heats up you can use the oil for a rich and sensual massage.
🔥 Mask: mask that helps your senses sharpen and you'll be expecting it to happen.

🔥 Bosom Buddy lip and nipple balm. Moisturize your lips and you feel a tingle. Imagine what it will do to your nipples. It has two flavors. Have fun drawing a path for your partner and let him discover what awaits him.
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