Pr贸xima parada: Zonas Er贸genas

Next stop: Erogenous Zones

Several times I have commented that our body is like an amusement park. When you arrive you want to ride everything, right? Likewise, the body waits to be explored. We all have erogenous zones but what one likes doesn't necessarily like the other.

Erogenous zones you may know

Mouth and Lips 馃

Kissing is an art, and we suggest using every inch of your lips and mouth as canvas.

Trace the shape of her lips with your tongue before moving into a slow, wet kiss, or gently suck or nibble on her bottom lip. Surprise when you feel the tickling sensation on your lips.

Palm of the hands and tips of the fingers

The fingertips are the most sensitive part of the body to touch, and the palms of the hands are not far behind.

Place your hand under hers with your palm facing up, and tickle her palm with your index finger.

If you want to increase intimacy, maintain eye contact while you do it.

You can raise it much higher by taking each of his fingers into your mouth, one by one, and sucking lightly.


The scalp is full of nerve endings, and even the slightest brush of hair can send tingles throughout the body.

To increase the pleasure, gently run your nails over the scalp, paying special attention to the space behind the ears and just above the neck.

Don't forget about the hair. Gently tugging can send waves of pleasure through the body.

With sensitive skin on the outside and hundreds of sensory receptors on the inside, ears top the list of erogenous zones for many people.
For some sexy aural action that's sure to please, try kissing, licking, or lightly nibbling your partner's earlobes.
You can also tap into those sensory receptors by whispering or gently blowing into his ear for more tingling.
Lower back (sacrum)
It could have something to do with the fact that the nerves in this part of the spine are connected to the pelvis or the vulnerability factor of being touched from behind that makes this area so sensitive.
Whatever it is, the slightest touch here can evoke pleasure. Tickle the area with a feather or with your lips and tongue.
Do you feel adventurous? Try an ice cube, a vibrator for sensory play.
Navel and lower stomach
Being dangerously close to the genitals makes this area especially exciting.
Use your tongue, fingertips, or even a pen to trace circles around the belly button and work your way down and around the stomach.
This is a great place to play with the temperature, so use an ice bucket if your partner likes it.
Playing alone? Pet the area to get you in the mood.
Inner arms and underarms
Do you think armpits can't be sexy? Two words: 鈥淒irty Dancing鈥.
You know that scene where Johnny runs the back of his hand up Baby's arm, brushing against her armpit?
She laughs at first, but once the tickle response wears off, she's totally hot.
A light touch is all it takes to turn tickling into utter arousal. Run your fingertips, tongue, or even a feather slowly along the inside of your arm to your armpit.
Areola and Nipples
Nipple stimulation illuminates the same area of 鈥嬧媡he brain as the genitals.
Start with a light touch, and anything goes here. Lips, tongue, a feather or a small vibrator are just a few ideas.
Trace around the areola before moving on to the nipple and suck, lick and even shake. Blow on or use an ice cube for some sexy coolness.
If your partner likes it rough, brush the nipple with your teeth. Rougher still? Try nipple clamps.
behind the knee
This is another often neglected area that is incredibly sensitive to any kind of contact. It's even ticklish for some.
Pay special attention to the area during a massage, or use your mouth and tongue there before moving up or down the leg.
inner thighs
The inner part of the thighs is so sensitive and so close to the ultimate erogenous zone that even a simple touch can set your groins on fire.
Run your fingertips over the front of her thighs, slowly moving inward as you kiss her lips, neck, and chest.
When you're ready to get up close and personal, cover the area with soft, wet kisses and licks.
Bottom of feet and toes
Pressure points on the bottom of your feet can increase blood flow and enhance feelings of arousal when handled correctly.
Experiment with different pressures when massaging your feet, starting gently and working deeper until you find what works.
If you both like it, alternate between massaging and licking the foot. Move on to gently sucking on each toe, one by one.
pubic mound
The mons pubis, the fleshy mound just above the clitoris, is rich in nerve endings that are connected to the genitalia. Massaging the area in an up and down motion can indirectly stimulate the labia and clitoris.
If your partner is up for more, continue kissing the area, then use the tip of your tongue to lick downward. If you are playing with yourself, massage or vibrate to increase your arousal.
This little button of pleasure contains over 8,000 nerve endings and is covered by a hood. Grasp it gently between your index and middle fingers and slide slowly in an up and down motion.
Do you want more? Use your fingers or a clitoral vibrator and rub your nub with light pressure. Experiment with direction and tempo to find what feels best.
For good tongue action, start out slow and build up the speed and pressure.
Point a
The lower part of the vaginal opening is filled with erotically charged nerve endings and houses the anterior fornix (point A).
Use your fingers, a dildo, or penis to penetrate the vagina, focusing pressure on the front wall as you slide in and out.
G point
The G spot is an area capable of causing what is known as female ejaculation. Fingers or a curved G-spot vibrator are your best bet for reaching it.
With a liberal amount of lube, roll the vibrator or finger up toward your belly button and move it in a "come here" motion.
Find what feels good and stick with it, allowing the feeling to develop.
A person needs to be fully aroused to enjoy cervical stimulation, so foreplay is a must.
Any deep penetration sexual position can do it. Doggystyle is good and can also be done with a strap-on or regular dildo. When you find a depth and movement that feels right, move on.
Cervical orgasms are similar to what's called a full body orgasm in tantric sex, so you're in for a treat if you can get there.
What erogenous zone did you discover?
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